How to Choose The Right Breast Pump For You

As a new or expecting mum, you’re likely having to make a lot of decisions…deciding on which car seat to get, which stroller to buy, and which crib to put in the baby's room just to name a few. 

And while a breast pump isn’t an essential piece of equipment for all mothers, if you find that you need one it can be difficult to know which breast pump is right for you. 

In this article, we’ll cover the key things you need to consider when choosing a breast pump. 

What is a breast pump? 

breast pump

A breast pump is a device that helps mothers to maintain or increase their milk supply. You can get manual breast pumps or an electric breast pump. You can also get a breast pump that pumps one breast at a time (single expression) or both breasts at a time (double expression). 

Why do you need a breast pump? 

Women most often invest in a breast pump when they go back to work or have a planned separation from their baby coming up. A breast pump allows you to express milk in advance so that your baby’s carer always has some on hand if you’re not available to nurse. 

If your baby is having trouble breastfeeding, a breast pump can also help you to maintain your milk supply. 

Things to consider when buying a breast pump

There are a few things you’ll need to consider before purchasing a breast pump. Some things to take into account include; 

  • The frequency of use - How often do you think you’ll need to use your breast pump? What is your goal when using the breast pump? For example: to maintain milk supply, to have milk ready to go while you’re at work etc? 
  • Comfort of the Breast Pump - Does the breast pump fit your body well?
  • Portability of the Breast Pump - Is it convenient to take your breast pump out with you? Is it rechargeable? 
  • How loud is the Breast Pump - A loud pump can disturb your baby while they’re napping and can also be quite irritating for you too! Thankfully our Mira Breast Pump is whisper quiet.
  • Your budget - Finding the right balance between a breast pump that best serves your needs at a price you can afford is also important.   

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