10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Silicone Baby Bottle Over Glass or Plastic

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Silicone Baby Bottle Over Glass or Plastic

It may feel like there are a million different baby bottles out there; different brands, sizes and materials. But all bottles can essentially be categorised into three different categories; silicone baby bottle, glass baby bottle and plastic baby bottle.

We believe that a silicone baby bottle offers up the ideal feeding solution for your bub. They’re not as heavy or breakable like glass baby bottles, and they’re more environmentally friendly and safer than plastic baby bottles.

In this article, we’ll outline 10 more reasons why you’re better off investing in a silicone baby bottle.

1. Our silicone baby bottle mimics natural feeding

We can’t speak for every silicone baby bottle, but the Omababy HeorShe Silicone Baby Bottle has been designed to mimic natural breast feeding, the perfect choice if you’re combining bottle and breast feeding.

Utilising 898 reverse breast molds, the ultra soft nipple is the closest thing you’ll find to a real breast. Bub will love it!

2. Anti-bacterial and easy to clean

Unlike plastic bottles that tend to be porous and prone to staining, a silicone baby bottle is super easy to clean. Silicone is BPA free and anti-bacterial, meaning no nasties will come into contact with bub’s little mouth.

3. Safe for use in microwave and dishwasher

A silicone baby bottle is easy to wash by hand but can also be washed in the dishwasher too for even easier clean up! You can also pop a silicone baby bottle in the microwave, and unlike glass bottles it won’t get hot.

4. Easily sterilised

It’s easy to sterilise a silicone baby bottle, simply pop it in your Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser and you’re good to go!

5. Anti-colic silicone baby bottle 

Our Omababy Silicone Baby Bottle comes with a unique air control system which allows for bottle venting. Because of this, our silicone baby bottle prevents gassiness and colic pain in your baby.

6. Can still be used as your baby grows

There’s no need to buy new bottles as your baby grows, simply swap your S-Flow nipple for an X-Flow nipple on your silicone baby bottle when bub reaches 6 months!

7. Lasts longer than plastic baby bottles

Plastic baby bottles are notorious for their short lives, scratching easily and prone to wear and tear. A silicone baby bottle is made from more durable materials, meaning you’ll be able to keep it for longer.

8. Not as dangerous as glass baby bottles

A glass baby bottle can shatter when dropped, becoming a safety hazard for your baby. You won’t have that problem with a silicone baby bottle!

9. Easier for baby to grip

Not only are glass baby bottles breakable, but they’re also much heavier than their silicone or plastic counterparts. A silicone baby bottle is easier for your bub to grip and lift.

10. BPA free and safe for baby

Lastly, silicone baby bottles are BPA free and don’t contain any nasty chemicals. While plastic bottles may make milk taste funny, silicone bottles keep milk tasting fresh.

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Available in 2 different sizes and a range of colours, your bub is going to love their silicone baby bottle!
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