Introducing 3-in-1 Kiwy Miya Breast-pump - One of its kind!

Introducing 3-in-1 Kiwy Miya Breast-pump - One of its kind!


Have you seen an electric breast-pump that can be converted into a manual hand pump when required? Want the best of both worlds (Electric and Manual) just in case? Well, Kiwy has it all covered for you.

Kiwy experts have spent years to study the best breast-pumps for mothers in the world and they are proud to be able to introduce Mira into the market. With the ability to switch between single or double electric breast-pump, or even manual hand-pump. Basically saving money buying multiple different types of pump when you can have all in one compact unit!
You can also adjust different modes and settings of your left and right breast according to your preference and comfort level, as both breasts may yield different volume of liquid gold, by allowing separate settings between the left and the right, allows maximum extraction of breastmilk with minimum effort!

It is so compact that you can carry it in you bag and not feel it! With a weight of only 490g, our breast-pump has inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring you that you can easily bring it with you wherever you go, and pump whenever you need, even when at work or in the car!

Our "auto" mode comes with a default 2 minute massage/stimulation mode, before switching into expression mode, like this, it can ensure to prevent further breast engorgement and also to promote maximum milk extraction.

It also comes with a 3 level night light at the top, where you can pump in the middle of the night and not wake the whole family. It is so quite <40db that you can barely hear anything!

Our Miya breast-pump is also medical grade, meaning it is a closed pumping system, ensuring that your liquid gold is not exposed to any potential bacteria. Our Mira breastpump comes with only one size flange, making it easy for you and complimentary silicone cup to provide you with maximum comfort during expression. 


More Information on product specs and features is available on our Kiwy Miya product page - Click here!

Grab yours today or gift it to your close family and friends who are due soon!



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