How to Choose The Right Bottle Warmer

How to Choose The Right Bottle Warmer

A bottle warmer provides a convenient and safe way to heat breast milk or formula to the perfect temperature. When babies nurse, the breast milk is at body temperature, so it’s only natural that babies prefer warm milk over cold. 

But when you’re out and about, heating milk becomes a bit of a chore. You either need to carry a heavy thermos with you, ask the restaurant staff for warm water or resort to using a microwave which can result in uneven heating. 

A portable bottle warmer like our Omababy USB Rechargeable Bottle Warmer is the ideal solution. 

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But what else should you consider when choosing the right bottle warmer for you? In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about bottle warmers. 

Things you need to know before buying a bottle warmer

Before you choose a bottle warmer there are a few things you should be aware of; 

  • A bottle warmer typically can’t defrost frozen breast milk. If you’ve got frozen bottles, be sure to defrost them in the fridge overnight before using your bottle warmer.  

  •  Make sure to test the milk’s temperature before giving the bottle to your baby. While you can choose the temperature on a bottle warmer like our USB Rechargeable Bottle Warmer, it’s still good practice to continue testing the temperature on your skin before giving it to bub. 

  •  A bottle warmer is a far better choice than heating milk in a microwave or on the stovetop. Milk that has been heated unevenly can result in hot spots that scald your baby’s delicate mouth. Overheating can also result in the nutrients of the milk being destroyed. 

Types of Bottle Warmers

Standard Baby Bottle Warmer 

These are the most common type of bottle warmers and generally can heat one bottle at a time. Most models require you to place the bottle in the centre of the warmer and fill it with warm water from a jug. You then switch on the bottle warmer and wait for it to do its thing. 

While this is a safe way to heat your milk it’s not very convenient for parents on the go. 

Bottle warmer with a Feeding System 

This bottle warmer is much like the standard baby bottle warmer however these types come with a cooler section where you can store extra bottles of milk ready for warming as needed. 

Portable Bottle Warmer 

This is the simplest and most convenient type of bottle warmer and the type we recommend to parents. A portable bottle warmer allows you to heat a bottle of milk wherever you happen to be. 

Our Omababy USB Rechargeable Portable Bottle Warmer heats milk to perfect temperature in under 10 minutes and comes with a USB rechargeable cable so you’ll never be caught out with dead batteries.   

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