How Heorshe Baby Bottle helps with feeding ??

How Heorshe Baby Bottle helps with feeding ??

At Omababy we understand that choosing the best and right baby bottle for your little one can be overwhelming. Surprised by the variety of bottles in the market, most parents would prefer to have the right bottle immediately to prevent nipple confusion and to stop colic pain for their baby.

Most parents find themselves asking lots of questions like: What are the best bottles for my baby? How do I choose the right one? What features or specific shapes I should choose? Do I choose glass, plastic or silicone? Which bottle can prevent colic pain? What type of nipple is the closest to a real breast? 

Don’t worry mums and dads; we have got you covered by introducing you the best baby bottle around – the HEORSHE. 

Parenthood is a wonderful experience and every parent wants to give their newborn a beautiful start. We believe that feeding is one of the most important explorations in the growth of a newborn. To feel a mother’s love is the best feeling a baby could experience. Our silicone bottles are designed to bring your baby a feeling of “Mummy”. 

While designing our bottle, we set out to solve several key issues with standard baby bottles. Our bottle helps avoid gassiness by venting through a unique air-control system. Additionally, we made an ultra-wide neck design and antibacterial materials are used for easy cleaning. Most of all, our silicone bottles solve the problem of “bottle rejection” and “nipple confusion” with a design that is very close to the real thing,   “I FEEL MUMMY.”


Never heard of HEORSHE? HEORSHE came about through being inspired by future babies, be it “he” or “she”.  It was founded by parents themselves. The main concept of HEORSHE is to protect babies from anything that might bring harm to them. 

As parents ourselves, we have done a lot of research and in comparison to conventional bottles that we usually see in stores, they are most likely to have a higher chance of offering bacteria in moist and warm environments, making it a prime breeding ground for these silent killers. 

According to a US Public Health Report, 64% of deaths are from bacterial infections. Babies are a low-resistance group, especially newborns as their immune system is not fully developed and their gastrointestinal functions are relatively weak.  So, how will HEORSHE be the solution to this problem? 

What is High Polymer Antibacterial Material?

HEORSHE is the first antibacterial bottle in the world that has proven to prevent bacterial infections in babies. It is made from physical antibacterial polymers. With expert research and effort along with the Antibacterial Association, they have obtained professional information technology guidance for antibacterial feeding. With the help from the Authoritative Academic Testing Organization, HEORSHE was carefully tested for safety and functionality.  After years of painstaking research, development and testing, the HEORSHE antibacterial polymer is finally ready to help in the fight against the spread of bacterial pathogens and keep your baby safe. 


                                    The details of the polymer body 

The common question asked by most parents: What is a Polymer? Polymers are designed to prevent bacteria from attaching and thereby inhibiting the activity, growth and reproduction of bacteria. The physical polymer material has the ability to prevent bacteria growth and to prevent the spread of bacteria through the bottles by affecting the bacteria inhibiting adhesion and reproduction of bacteria on the bottles surfaces. At the same time, experts observed the polymer materials have an additional property, in that they accept some of the probiotics that are good for your baby’s body. 

Mimics Natural Feeding--Soft nipple baby bottle just like Mum         

Nipples come in levels for different flow rates; the slowest nipples are made for newborns and they are usually a level 1 or S size nipple. Nipples are to be replaced as babies are ready for the next size and this usually happens if they are sucking fiercely or appearing frustrated when feeding. It is advised to replace the nipple every 3 months or whenever there are cracks, discolouring or thinning. There are different types of nipple materials such as silicone or latex. Silicone is firm and durable while latex is softer and does not last long. Please take note of this when choosing in regard to latex allergic babies.

Why do babies refuse the bottle? The most common reason is because normal baby teats provide different levels of feeding experience, but nothing has been as close to the comfort of being attached to Mum. The shape and material of the nipple are the main factors that may throw off a baby’s feeding. 


How does the HEORSHE bottle help? HEORSHE nipples are designed to make breastfeeding and bottle feeding less stressful for parents. They are made from soft silicone material; BPA FREE, specially designed little dots and ultra-soft nipple closely resemble a real breast and shape of nipple mimics large size nipples. Another important aspect of HEORSHE is babies work for the feed which means they control the feed rate for themselves. Babies will need to use their feeding muscle to support their natural jaw and facial development just exactly like when they are feeding on mum’s breast.


                                     Little dots and ultra-soft nipple 



Anti-Colic Value to Prevent Colic Pain 

What is Colic? Colic is when babies cry for a long time but for no obvious reason. All babies cry but colicky babies are those that often cry for more than 3 hours per day. This can be very distressing for parents and the newborns themseles. Colic can start when a baby is only a few weeks old but it usually stops by 6 months. Some babies with colic have excess gas and so the theory behind anti colic bottles is to minimise the amount of air swallowed, in conjunction with effective winding practices.

HEORSHE’s unique air-control system allows the bottle to vent, which helps to avoid gassiness, as the design is practical and valuable in preventing reflux.


                                        Dual air vent system 

Ergonomic design: Hand Feeding Just Got Easier

The ergonomic contour grip design is easy for little hands to hold and accommodate babies ‘feeding positions. 


               Solid but soft body for a more natural feel and easy to grip 

Dust-Proof Cap

Our engineers for HEORSHE gave special consideration when creating the bottle cap, leaving a tiny space between the outside of the cap and the nipple gland to protect it from dust and other contaminants. Just remove the cap and set it aside when preparing to feed, it’s simple, easy, and safe.



Amidst all your hopes and dreams for your newborn, one thing is certain; you expect them to grow up healthy and happy. Boy or girl, each will receive unreserved care and affection from the parents. Nothing is more important than a healthy baby!!! Omababy is here to help.


  Lots of love, 

From Omababy team                               

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