Kiwy UV Steriliser & Dryer FAQs

1. How does your UV Steriliser work?

The interior of our Cube UV steriliser is made of honeycomb-shape stainless steel. When the UV mode is switched on, the UV lights get reflected onto the stainless steel surfaces and onto the items that has been placed into the steriliser in order to effectively eliminate up to 99.999% harmful bacteria. Our UVC LED light has a wavelength between 257-280nm, which is very effective in eliminating these harmful bacteria.

2. How does an UV steriliser compare to a traditional steam steriliser?

UV sterilisers are quick and easy to use, performing sterilising, drying and storage functions with only a single press of a button, perfect for busy parents! Steam sterilisers, on the other hand, performs only sterilising function. Just imagine having to manually remove items and placing them on a drying rack, and then waiting for a long time to dry, while juggling your crying baby. Lastly, UV sterilisers have a much bigger capacity than traditional steam sterilisers so you can sterilise more items at once. 

3. Why is UV Sterilisation & Drying so important?

Moisture environment encourages pathogens to grow and our UV sterilisers which comes with UV sterilising & drying, is extra effective at killing these pathogens (up to 99.999% effective), making sure that your item is thoroughly cleaned. Our UV steriliser has a storage mode which ensures that items in the steriliser are kept dried and sterilised, so that they remain available for use immediately the next time you need them. 

4. Why is our UV sterilisers safe for the household?

Our UV sterilisers kills bacteria using UV light and there is no need to use any harsh chemical products on your items. Our steriliser comes with a quick mode which runs for 10-15 minutes when you're in a hurry and running out of time. However, please be mindful that items that are overly soiled or sticky requires proper hand cleaning before putting into the UV steriliser.

5. How do I know when it is safe with the UV steriliser?

Our UV steriliser will only work when the door is closed, to ensure proper sterilising process within the unit. Once the door is opened, the UV light will automatically be shut off. Our UV steriliser will alert you when the sterilisation process is completed. The instructions for safety and health should always be followed with the use of any product.

*Full operating instructions can also be found in the manual that comes with your Kiwy Cube*

6. What kind of warranty do you offer?

We provide a limited 12-month manufacturer's warranty for all our UV steriliser units. This warranty covers defects ranging from issues with motor. Please contact us at providing proof of purchase, detailed description of the fault, and we will rectify and provide you with assistance accordingly.

7. How often do I need to replace the UV lights?

Our UV steriliser uses the latest, most advanced UVC LED light technology. Instead of the traditional UV lamp which requires a yearly change, Kiwy's LED light bulbs are known to be long lasting, it can last up to ~5 years with an average of 10 hours use per day. So rest assured you don't have to worry about replacing the lights for a long while :) And because we use UVC LED light, you do not need to worry about any harmful substance leakage which contains in the traditional mercury lamp!

Nevertheless, if you wish to purchase additional replacement UVC rotating bar or Kiwy accessories drop us a message at

8. What can you put in the steriliser?

You can pretty much sterilise everything and anything, from baby bibs, toys, bottles, teether, to adult items such as car keys, wallet, handphones, and rings. You name it! Watch our demonstration video to find out more! Or email us at

The only thing we wouldn't recommend is thermo flasks as they can interfere with the steriliser's mechanism as per the manufacturer's recomendation.

9. Why are your sterilisers so affordable? 

Omababy had secured sole distributorship for Kiwy sterilisers for Australia and New Zealand. Being a fully online store, we are able to provide you with the ultimate customer service and bring high quality products to you at affordable prices. 

10. Does Kiwy cube keep the items sterile for longer time? 
The Kiwy Cube steriliser comes with a storage function that re-dries and re-sterilisers every 2 hours up to 24 hours. This keeps you items sterile for longer and ready for next use. 

11. What maintenance is required for Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser

We recommend a minimum of fortnightly cleaning of the UV steriliser, it's very simple! All you need to do is using a damp cloth/disinfectant wet wipes, give the base of the steriliser a wipe to remove excess water/water stains in order to keep your steriliser looking new!

We also recommend applying pea sized amount of vaseline/petroleum jelly at the base of the UVC rotating bar, as this can ensure smooth rotation of the UVC bar and keeping your UVC bar looking new for a long time. This can be done during the fortnight cleaning. 


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