HeorShe Baby Feeding Range FAQs

1. Are your products safe to use?

Being mothers ourselves, we know the importance of using safe products for our vulnerable little ones. We focus on premium and eco-friendly products - all of our silicone products are made from food-safe silicone and are BPA-free.

2. Any recommendations for use to keep our bottles in good condition?

To ensure that bottles are not damaged, please use warm soapy water instead of dishwashing detergent as it will damage the material of the bottles. Before washing and sterilising the bottles, we recommend separating all the different parts: screw top, lid, nipple and bottles. Save time and consider using our Kiwy Cube Steriliser to sterilise your baby bottle!

3. Are your baby bottles dishwasher safe?

Absolutely. Our baby bottles are safe to use in the dishwasher for the busy mums. Do always remember to sterilise your bottles after washing!

4. Are your baby bottles microwave safe?

Although our bottles are microwave safe, it is not recommended to use a microwave when warming formula or breast milk, as this destroys the nutrients found in the milk. Always use a proper milk bottle warmer, or dip in hot water in order to warm milk as this will help preserve the nutrients found in milk.

5. How often should I replace the nipple/spout?

We recommend replacing nipples/spouts every 3 months, even though our nipple can take longer. You might also want to consider getting nipples with a higher flow for your growing baby. We do sell the nipple/spout replacement under our "Accessories" tab.

6. How often should I wash my baby bottles?

Although our bottles have antibacterial properties, it cannot kill bacteria. It is important to wash the baby bottle thoroughly after each feed, as remaining milk or liquid can attract bacteria or mould. Remember to always sterilise and dry your bottles after washing.

7. Can I recycle my bottles or other feeding products when I'm done using them?

Our environmentally friendly bottles/sippy cups are made of food-safe silicone that can be safely recycled.

8. How can I tell when I need to replace my sippy cups and spouts?

Our spouts and straws are made of silicone and needs replacing when there are visible damages, discolouration, hardening, etc. Our sippy cups are made of HPA (high polymer antibacterial) material, and needs replacing when there are severe scratches, atomisation, or when clarity of cup is reduced.


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