Silicone Bibs and Foodwares FAQs

 Are your products safe to use?

Being mothers ourselves, we know the importance of using safe products for our vulnerable little ones. We focus on premium and eco-friendly products - all of our silicone products are made from food-safe silicone, FDA approved and are BPA, PVC and Phthalates free.

OMG! why does my silicone plate/bowl have an orange residue that is so difficult to remove?

Most orange-coloured food such as pureed carrot contains oil residue that sticks to the silicone plate/bowl. It can take a few washes to remove. Don't worry, this is natural for all silicone products and does not affect safety of our products. Here's a handy little tip: try soaking your products in lemon juice before washing as it will break down the oil residue that sticks to our lovely silicone products.

 Help! How is it that my bowls/plates won't stick?

The suction will only stick to clean and dry sealed surfaces such as high chair trays, dining tables, flat floor surfaces, etc. In order to ensure a good seal for suction, always ensure that air pockets are removed by pressing the bowls/plates firmly onto a clean, dry and flat surface. Suction won't work if there is no proper seal.


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