Best Baby Steriliser & Dryer
Designed in Italy. To protect you and your family.
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Game changer for mums, all possible functions in one small unit.
Kiwy Miya Breast-pump
The world's first 3-in-1 Breast-pump
Portable Bottle Warmer
Get your baby’s food ready in less in 10 mins.
Best Silicone Baby Bottle
Mimics natural feeding. Love your baby, love He or She!
Portable Inflatable Cushion
High back support and allow your baby to sit comfortably in style.

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Hear from our customers

This is such an amazing portable bottle warmer and exactly what we were looking for. Good value for money and good to have options with the adaptors for different bottles! Would 100% recommend :)

Just what we needed!!!

Kizziah Plumb

Seriously 100% Recommend! I moved with a 1 week old and cleaning the old house this was a dream! Hands free and able to live still, rather than worrying about having to sit and hand express 1 boob at a time.

Absolute Life Changer

Rhiannon Rogers

I wanted a steriliser where I didn’t have to fuss with hot water, steam and potentially mould. I came across the Kiwy Cube after doing a lot of online research and reading reviews. I’m so glad that I bought the Kiwy Cube. It is spacious yet super compact (it fits next to my standard microwave in the microwave nook). I love how I can sterilise more than just bottles and dummies. Highly recommend.

Compact Essential

Danielle T

Really satisfied with my purchase. Love the design and very good quality 🤩🤩🤩

Cute & Quality


Have used many sterilisers but this is by far the best and easiest to use, having debated with friends who are scientists the use of water and uv I chose this product due to the significant benefits, I would recommend to anyone who is due to have children or is planning in the future

Simple easy yet effective

Michael Finemore

I chose this pump due to its size, portability, and the function of being able to control each side separately. So far I am very happy with this purchase.

Very happy with purchase

Nikita Pearson

Tried many different brands and bub didnt take any of it. And bub finally take this bottle. Super happy about it. Love the design, and even bub was holding the bottle himself

Bub loves it

Fara Fechner

Bought this for night time to keep water ready for night tie feeds. Takes a little longer than what I thought to heat it up. Breast milk I had issues with it leaking out. Nuk wide bottles does not fit and have had to use minbie bottes but even then it doesn't screw properly and sometimes it causes it to spill out.

does the job


Awesome little chair for my 6,5mo baby. She loves it. Though, when she’s fussy it is not a safe place to put her as she can get out of it by moving a lot. But whenever she’s calm or playful she loves staying in it and playing with toys around her. I’d recommend always watching your baby while they’re using it. I took it to the beach too as it is super convenient!

Love it


Wow, what an awesome little machine! Compact portable and so easy to use, even has a built in night light! I think the price is very reasonable. The packaging was to die for how special for a device that is going to help me, help my baby thrive. Will definitely recommend to other Mums

Kiwy Miya Breast pump

Rebbecca T

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