Kiwy Miya Breastpump FAQs

Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade breast-pump is designed with a closed system pumping action, this ensures that the breastmilk extracted is not exposed to any potential bacteria/germs.


Our Kiwy Miya comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase.  The expression parts should be replaced as needed.  The soft silicone shield and diaphragm should be replaced at the first signs of weakening (we recommend every 3 months depending on the amount of use and the condition after cleaning and sterilising).

More information on Kiwy Miya's warranty, please click here

Cleaning of Breast-pump parts

Sterilise all parts prior to first use and after each use except tubing, pump motor and power adaptor. Sterilise all parts that might come in contact with your breastmilk, including bottles, breastshields, valves, backflow protectors, bottle necks, sealing discs, caps and teats with warm soapy water.

Rinse thoroughly, then sterilise and dry. The parts must be totally dry before assembling to pump.  

All of our accessories are suitable for use in UV & steam sterilisers. However please note that it is not recommended to sterilise the accessories under high heat for long hours as it might cause the material to degenerate quicker, shortening the lifespan of the parts.

Please Note:

  • Avoiding getting tubing wet as moisture can cause damage to the pump motor. It can also cause bacteria/mould to grow inside of your pump
  • If you are using the boiling method, please only allow pump parts to sit in boiling water for 5 minutes as anytime longer than this can damage the accessories. Allow parts to cool before next use.
  • Please allow a maximum of 10 minutes drying time with UV sterilisers as over-sterilisation can damage the pump accessories.

Kiwy Miya Breast-pump Modes: 

The breast pump has 2 modes: Automatic and Manual. It is recommended to run the breast pump in the automatic mode unless you wish to have more control over your pumping strength and speed.

The breast pump has 2 pumping mode: Stimulation and Expression Mode. Stimulation mode operates at lower settings and is usually used for massaging the breast to stimulate milk flow. Expression mode operates at higher settings and is the main mode used for expressing breast milk.

Kiwy Miya Breast-pump comes with 6-Suction Vacuum Level and 9-Speed Level.

Our Kiwy Miya also allows you to adjust different settings separately on your left and right breast to ensure maximum milk extraction and to prevent breast engorgements. 

When should I change the breast-pump parts?

It is recommended that all silicone parts including duck valve are replaced every 3 months or more often if these parts are frequently being sterilised or you are exclusively expressing. This is to ensure you can still have maximum milk extraction as this can affect the efficiency of milk extraction.  

Each Kiwy Miya Breastpump comes with a replacement duck valve, once you noticed that milk yield is less effective, please replace duck valve immediately.

The Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade Breast-pump is hospital-grade and this ensures you of its power, efficiency and durability. It is a smart little gadget that provides more advanced pumping features and more comfortable silicone on the breast, allowing powerful yet comfortable pumping. It has exceptional stimulation and expression levels to choose from, all safe with consideration for the mother's comfort.

Why do I feel pain when I use the breast pump?

Experiencing pain whilst breast-pumping is certainly not what we want, There are many reasons why you may experience pain while expressing, such as: 

Suction Level
The suction on the pump may be too high, please adjust the suction settings for a lower suction strength.

Cracked and sore Nipples
Your nipples may be cracked and is sore due to breastfeeding. If this is the case, stop using the breast pump for a while until your nipples have recovered. 

Flange Sizes

Kiwy Miya comes with one size only flange (22mm) and comes with complimentary silicone shield in order to provide maximum comfort during your pumping sessions.

The size of the shield's nipple area should be bigger than the nipple diameter.  Always centre the nipple shield with your nipple in the middle where it is able to move freely so your milk-ducts don't get blocked.

The areola should be mostly supported by the shield, but if is also fine if some are drawn into the nipple area.  If it is comfortable and the milk is expressing, this is a good sign.
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