How Does a UV Baby Steriliser Work?

How Does a UV Baby Steriliser Work?

Forget old-fashioned water and steam sterilisers! These days, a UV baby steriliser is where it’s at.

UV baby sterilisers are fast becoming the go-to choice for parents everywhere as an easy, fuss-free way to sterilise baby bottles at home. So you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, and more importantly, how does a UV baby steriliser work?

Read on to find out.

How does a UV baby steriliser work exactly?

Most baby sterilisers use heat to destroy germs inside your baby bottles and other items. The main thing that sets apart a UV baby steriliser is that it uses UV light to break down the molecular structure of germs.

Now it’s important to note that the UV rays in a UV baby sterilser aren’t the same UV rays that burn our skin from the sun.

UV baby sterilisers use UVC rays to kill germs. They’re artificially created for sterilisation in most medical and clinical settings such as laboratories and hospitals.

A UV baby steriliser such as the Kiwy Cube, uses reflective surfaces to bounce UV light around every surface of the machine, ensuring that any germs anywhere inside are zapped.

Do I really need a UV Baby Steriliser?

Germs love hiding everywhere and are a surefire recipe for an upset tummy in your bub. Because your baby has an extremely sensitive immune system when they’re newborn, most healthcare professionals recommend that you sterilise anything that could end up near your baby’s mouth until they’re at least 12 months old.

A UV baby steriliser is the most efficient way to sterilise baby bottles and other baby items.

Is it safe to use a UV baby steriliser?

Here’s what you can expect from a high quality UV baby steriliser:
  • No need for water, which also means you won’t get burned by any hot water or steam
  • Your baby bottles can be taken straight out of the UV baby steriliser and used. Unlike their steam counterparts, where bottles are often very hot to the touch and require more time to dry
  • Not just for baby bottles - UV baby sterilisers are very convenient and versatile, meaning you can use it to sterilise a wide range of items
  • A UV baby steriliser generally has much lower power consumption compared to other types of sterilisers
  • No chemicals required! So no funky tastes in your baby bottles

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