Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
kiwy cube no blind spot sterilising
effective up to 99.999%
360 rotating bar ensuring no dead angle
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Comparison with others
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Night light when open door
Thoughtful night light for convenience
Effective sterilisation
Advantages of kiwy cube
Kiwy Filter system, showing how easy it is to clean and maintain
Large capacity
effective heating throughout
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
DIY yogurt and fruit
Sterilise anything with kiwy cube
effective drying mode
Sterilise anything!
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)
Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)

Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser & Dryer(enjoy $100Off & Free shipping)

$325.00 AUD
$425.00 AUD


Whilst there are many Baby Steriliser & Dryer brands in the market, not all UV sterilisers are made equal.
The best type (like the one offered by Omababy) is backed by NATA accredited labs, have the highest safety standards and use quality materials for a thorough 360° clean. Omababy also ensures that its sterilisers comply with the AU/NZS standards.

Introducing the best baby UV steriliser in Australia - The Kiwy Cube. This multi-functional steriliser is first in the market that can do 3 jobs. It acts as : 


  • Eliminates up to 99.999% bacteria

360°  Rotating LED bar with rhomboid  interior design ensures all angles are fully covered compared to traditional fixed LED lights, ensuring better sterilisation rates.


Proven effective against: 

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa,

Staphylococcus Aureus, 

Colon Bacillus, Candida Albicans, Escherichia Coli & more

  • High performance and Long Life UVC LED Lights

No more yearly Mercury lamp replacement. 

Enjoy our long lasting UVC LED light that does not cause any bottle discoloration.

  • 6 UVC LED lights for a complete and thorough sterilization 

Our LED lights can last up to 5 years with an average of usage of 10 hours/day (~30000hrs), saving cost and the hassle of sourcing for replacement bulbs.


  • Quiet Motor 

You can barely hear anything when it is working hard sterilising those baby bottles for you! 

  • HEPA Air Filter system with lifetime guarantee 

Air filter system that filters all contaminated particles ensure sterilisation through clean air.  

  • Stylish looks with Quality Built

Designed for function and looks - Fit it into any background and still looks beautiful.

  • LED panel and door display countdown timer 

Display provide a real time information on remaining dry/ function time.

  • Drying and sterilising process indicates with colour system 

The colour changes at the bottom of the steriliser when either process is taking place 

  • Night light feature

It makes night feeding much easier and convenient

  • PTC heating system 

No overheating or ignition risk as Kiwy Cube utilises self regulating High technology PTC heating system, up to a maximum temperature of 70°C. 

  • Air/Fan system 

To prevent any odorous, Kiwy utilises a drying and ventilation fan system to eliminate bad odours. 

  • Large Capacity 17.5L

Sterilise anything and everything from baby bottles, teether, dummies, utensils, plates, soft toys, keys to even clothes, etc. Fits up to at least 10 baby bottles plus accessories!

Depending on your preferences, it comes with  upper and lower adjustable stainless steel racks. 

  • Drying & Storing Function

Unlike traditional steam electric/ microwave sterilisers, where you have to air dry your items, our UV steriliser comes with a drying and storing function, ensuring that your items are always ready for their next use!



  • DIY Healthy Dehydrated Fruit

Dehydrated fruits from supermarkets are usually packed with tons of salt and sugar. Care for your family's health by making your own DIY dehydrated fruit, free from preservatives! Makes healthy snacks for your bubba!



  • DIY Healthy Yogurt
  • Pour the desired amount of milk into a container, press the yogurt button, then sit back and relax. Top it with healthy dehydrated fruits made earlier. A fun Sunday activity for the whole family!

     Kiwy Cube is a great gadget for all parents to have. It is not just a steriliser &dryer. It grows with your family, use it for your little one at any stage of their life for different things such as turn it into a yoghurt maker and food dehydrator. 

    Outer Dimension: 30.5cm(L) x 32.5cm(W) x 35.5cm(H)

    Inner Dimensions: 25.5 (L) x 26 cm (W) x 26 cm (H)

    Kiwy Modes/ functions: 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Serena Tambasco

    Love this unit. Makes everything so easy. Just need to wash bottles etc with water and soap, then pop in the sterilizer to do its thing. Everything is dry and ready to use in 1 hour. So much easier than what we did with our first born, using boiling water or the sterilizer tablets and having to dry manually. Highly recommend.

    Sam T
    Awesome Dryer/Steriliser

    Really love how easy it is to use the kiwy cube.
    It dries and sterilises my boys bottles in an hour and then it automatically goes onto the setting where you can store them in there for 24 hours. Multiple settings which is really cool and love that you can make dehydrated fruit and yogurt in it too (which I’m yet to try)
    It has a really slick modern design so it isn’t sore on your eye on the bench top.


    Fantastic machine!! Worth the money

    Caitlin Evans
    Easy to use

    Such an easy sterilizer to use, there isn’t any set up required. The interface is very user friendly, finding the preferred setting is initiative and fast.

    Great product

    Very fast delivery and the product looks great. Looking forward to using the machine to sterile my baby bottles!

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