portable bottle warmer
Keeping milk warm for up to 12 hours
Easy to Recharge with USB
USB Rechargeable Portable Bottle Warmer
Specs and features of bottle warmer
portable bottle warmer omababy
One touch switch on/off
Food grade stainless steel bottle warmer
Bottle adaptor
USB rechargeable port bottle warmer
real time temperature control
real time temperature display
rechargeable usb port on the go warmer
Heating milk from inside out
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, portable bottle warmer
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Keeping milk warm for up to 12 hours
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB Rechargeable Portable Bottle Warmer
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Specs and features of bottle warmer
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, portable bottle warmer omababy
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, One touch switch on/off
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Food grade stainless steel bottle warmer
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB rechargeable port bottle warmer
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, real time temperature control
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USB Rechargeable Portable Bottle Warmer

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Feeding on the go doesn't need to be a pain!

No more heavy thermoses, asking for warm water at restaurants, or worry about bacterial growth in cold milk.  This bottle warmer prepares your baby’s food in less than 10 minutes!!! 

Omababy's Portable Bottle Warmer is ideal for every parents bottle heating needs. Whether heating water for a formula bottle, or heating expressed breast milk, our bottle warmer has got you covered.

Omababy introduces a bottle warmer that allows parents to chose the target temperature (39, 42 or 45 degrees Celcius) that is just right for their childs palate. It has a real time temperature display, so you know exactly how warm the bottle is at any given time.

Utilising new Core Heating Technology there are no more bottles that are hot on the outside and cold on the inside. Able to heat a bottle in under 10 minutes and then maintain the temperature, it is fast and accurate.

With its compact design, Omababy's bottle warmer is the most versatile bottle warmer on the market - bring it with you on the go or put it by your bedside during the night. Bottles twist onto the heating unit forming a tight seal, making our bottle warmer with zero splash risk. Our bottle warmer also comes with adaptor to suit ultra wide-neck bottles up to 65mm diameter.

 ⭐️Before first use, please plug the warmer in and charge it until all the battery bar on the LCD are all lit up. This normally takes 3-5 hours. 


  • Heats breastmilk, formula, water, regular cow’s milk, premixed formula, and more.
  • 3 Temperature Settings (39, 42 or 45 degrees Celcius).The warmer is designed to hold and regulate at the correct temperature you have set, therefore avoiding any chance of overheating. 
  • Real Time Temperature Display
  • Can connect to mains power to use as a home warmer and conserve the battery 
  • Can be used whilst plugged in. Please use at least a 2A/5V power adaptor. 
  • Simply connect the warmer to a USB power bank if the battery runs out when you are out and about. 
  • Core Heating Technology - heats liquid from the centre of the bottle outside evenly.
  • Maintains desired temperature for 12hours when it is connected to mains power or plug in to a 2A/5V power adaptor 
  • Fast Heat - can heat 120ml bottle in 5 minutes
  • Fits most bottles brands with diameter of 53mm. Compatible with over 24 Bottle Brands (please see below for more info).Adaptors for other bottle brands may be purchased separately. 
  • Comes with complimentary bottle adaptors to fit bottles with larger diameter of  65mm
  • USB Rechargeable cable 

Bottles that are compatible with Omababy warmer:

  • Pigeon Wide Neck
  • Chicco
  • Combi
  • Dodie
  • Lansinoh
  • Richell
  • Spectra
  • Minbie

Brands that will fit Complimentary Adaptor: 

  • Comotomo
  • HeorShe
  • Haakaa
  • Olababy
  • Boon

Brands that require additional adaptor: 

  • Dr Brown's Narrow Neck
  • Medela
  • Nanobebe Narrow Neck
  • Pigeon Narrow Neck 
  • Sepal
  • Difrax
  • MAM Wide neck
  • Nanobebe Wide Neck
  • NIP
  • Nuby
  • Tomme Tippee Wide Neck
  • Dr Brown's Wide Neck
  • Suavinex
  • NUK Wide Neck

Additional adaptors can be purchased here or contact us for extra information/ assistance. 

Omababy's Portable Bottle Warmer lets you heat up - ANY bottle, ANY where, ANY time – In Just under 10 Minutes

A little bit more info...

  • It can heat a baby's bottle up to 3-4 times before needing to be recharged. 
  • The 3 selectable water temperatures 39, 42 and 45 degrees allows for the desired water temperature for your baby's milk. Note, as per WHO regulations, you should never actively warm a baby bottle for longer than 30 minutes.
  • We recommend the lowest two temperature settings for breast milk as our warmer utilises core heat technology to ensure all the essential nutrients from your precious breastmilk are preserved.
  • The heating element is food and medical grade for safe heating of sterilised water.
  • Compact - It can fit into anything, so you can take it anywhere anytime.


Package includes: 1x USB cable ; 1x Portable Bottle Warmer; 1x 65mm Adaptor, 1x Dust proof bag 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Great Quality

    Fantastic little warmer that fits perfectly in the nappy bag. Takes a little longer to warm through the milk than expected but does a great job gently and evenly heating the breast milk to perfect temperature. Very convenient, we’d be lost without it.

    Does the job but not completely satisfied

    We were really excited about getting the bottle warmer to use with our pigeon wide neck bottles. What we love: Easy to choose settings, takes about 10mins to heat up, don't need water to heat up, heats it up well, beeps when done, able to use while plugged into car or home sockets, and very compact size for travel. What we didn't love: It is difficult to screw on the bottle accurately so we don't get it right all the time, causing us to lose a lot of milk in the process; you have to remove the rubber ring and rinse the metal plate with water immediately after use to prevent milk from sticking onto it - using a wipe required a lot more work; can use up to 3 times only before needing a recharge; based on our experience using it, we feel the price point is high.
    That being said, I don't know if it's just the pigeon wide neck bottles and spectra bottles that are difficult to use with this bottle warmer.

    Debbie Hartano
    I'm not surprised..

    I am not even surprised why they are sold out so quickly and on preorder, this is such a life savour for home or outings, I take it with me wherever I go as I formula feed my baby, and to warm milk in the public can be a pain sometimes but since I got this portable warmer, it has not been an issue, I was able to heat my liquid in 5 minutes and dont have to put up with a cranky baby.

    At home, during the night, i put it by my bedside, so I can use it whenever I need instead of the other brands that require water topup in order to heat milk. This is such a convenient item for parents that loves going out and about, can bring for camping or to the beach! Again, I recommend all parents to look into this.

    Sasha Lanyon
    Fantastic -- very glad we purchased

    Fantastic product. Very glad we purchased the bottle warmer -- super convenient & effective.

    Karol Lynn
    You Won't go wrong with this one!

    Got recommended by some mothers in the fb group and purchased this during their anniversary sale. Firstly the customer service is second to none, they responded almost immediately, and they were very helpful in helping me to decide if the adaptor is the right one. I brought it out with me wherever I go as my fussy baby does not like cold milk and only will take it if it is warmed up, so this really comes in super handy, I can reheat my milk in about 5 minutes, which is what I like, and sometimes if I forget to charge it at home, I will just do a quick recharge in the car just for me to use it until I get home! Whoever that invents this portable warmer is just a genius, it literally saves parents lives carrying heavy thermos around.

    Price wise, I think it is definitely comparable with other known brands, it is much cheaper but provides the exact same function, you will then know that this is worth every single penny! I have been highly recommending this warmer to my friends who are having babies.