Kiwy Cube Baby Steriliser & Dryer
Kiwy Baby Steriliser & Dryer
Kiwy night light sensor
Kiwy Steriliser has a quiet motor that you can barely even hear!
Compact yet Spacious Interior Steriliser
kiwy sterilising any items
Kiwy dryer function
Path the drying air takes to dry items in Kiwy UV Steriliser
How the UV rays are reflected to kill germs in the Kiwy UV steriliser
Kiwy Filter system, showing how easy it is to clean and maintain
Kiwy creating dried fruit
KIWY Cube Baby UV  Steriliser
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiwy Baby Steriliser & Dryer
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiwy night light sensor
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiwy Steriliser has a quiet motor that you can barely even hear!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Compact yet Spacious Interior Steriliser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, kiwy sterilising any items
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiwy dryer function
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Path the drying air takes to dry items in Kiwy UV Steriliser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, How the UV rays are reflected to kill germs in the Kiwy UV steriliser
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiwy Filter system, showing how easy it is to clean and maintain
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiwy creating dried fruit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, KIWY Cube Baby UV  Steriliser

KIWY Cube Baby UV Steriliser

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Whilst there are many Baby Steriliser & Dryer brands in the market, not all UV sterilisers are made equal.

The best type (like the one offered by Omababy) is backed by NATA accredited labs, have the highest safety standards and use quality materials for a thorough 360° clean. Omababy also ensures that its sterilisers comply with the AS/NZS standards.

Introducing the best baby UV steriliser in Australia - The Kiwy Cube. This multi-functional steriliser is first in the market that can do 3 jobs. It acts as:


  • Eliminates up to 99.999% bacteria
  • 360° Rotating LED bar with polished interior ensures all angles are fully covered compared to traditional fixed LED lights, ensuring better sterilisation rates.

  • Long Life UVC LED Lights
  • Our LED lights can last 10 years with an average of usage of 10 hours/day (~30000hrs), saving cost and the hassle of sourcing for replacement bulbs.

  • Quiet Motor 
  • You can barely hear anything when it is working hard sterilising those baby bottles for you! 

  • Air Filter system with lifetime guarantee 
  • Air filter system that filters all contaiminated particles ensure sterilization through clean air. 

  • Stylish looks with Quality Built
  • Designed for function and looks - Fit it into any background and still looks beautiful.

  • Large Capacity
  • Sterilise anything and everything from baby bottles, teether, dummies, utensils, plates, soft toys, keys to even clothes, etc. Fits up to 16 baby bottles plus accessories!

  • Drying Function
  • Unlike traditional steam electric/ microwave sterilisers, where you have to air dry your items, our UV steriliser comes with a drying and storing function, ensuring that your items are always ready for their next use!


  • DIY Healthy Dehydrated Fruit
  • Dehydrated fruits from supermarkets are usually packed with tons of salt and sugar. Care for your family's health by making your own DIY dehydrated fruit, free from preservatives! Makes healthy snacks for your bubba!


  • DIY Healthy Yogurt
  • Pour the desired amount of milk into a container, press the yogurt button, then sit back and relax. Top it with healthy dehydrated fruits made earlier. A fun Sunday activity for the whole family!

    Outer Dimension: 30.5cm(L) x 32.5cm(W) x 35.5cm(H)

    Inner Dimensions: 25.5 (L) x 26 cm (W) x 26 cm (H)

    From Now until 30th June 2021, We will be offering an upgraded 18 months warranty instead of the standard 12 months and a free baby glass pod container as a thank you gift. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Smart little gadget! All parents will need this!

    I was researching for baby steriliser and stumble upon Omababy, got in contact with Omababy and they were so patient, explaining to me the functions and features of the steriliser, even told me that I can contact them at anytime of the time, how awesome is that? I decided on Kiwy simply because it has more than the functions I need for a very reasonable price (they are comparable if not cheaper than many brands out there), also because I know that Ashley is always so patient with helping me.

    It is definitely money well spent, because I used it for many reasons such as to sterilise the soft toy that my girl takes to day care, and who knows what's gone on the soft toys, so I used it to steriliser and dry soft toy at the end of our day ensuring it's ready for her the next day! I also used it for my son's bottles, and pacifier etc, I love how it comes it completely dry, that clean feeling is just good! It takes no effort with drying anymore! One bonus point worth mentioning, It is SUPER quiet,I can barely hear it working!

    I am yet to explore the dried fruit function, but looking at the other reviews I know it won't disappoint me.

    5 Star for awesome products, 5 star for wonderful customer service! Keep up the good work!

    Best steriliser ever absolutely love it

    I am having a great time using this product, i love the drying setting i can put bottles with small droplets inside and it will dry it then you press the uv-c button and it sterilises. Its quiet and doesnt take any effort you just pack the rack and press a button and away you go, no need to boil, put into a water sterilizer that calcify and leave water in the bottles its so easy. You can also cook thats right cook in it dehydrate fruit for snacks, make meat jerky and make yogurt! I love it i can use it to sterilise my beauty equipment, toys, electronics and so much more! I recommend this to all mums its a great addition to your house. Its beautiful and smaller than an air fryer its light and fits into any kitchen or locked nursery cupboard.


    I compared almost all the possible UV Steriliser in Australia and decided on Kiwy Cube, not because Omababy has excellent customer service and Ashley is being awesome, but because I like the idea how, after baby has gone past the bottle sterilising stage, I can still make good use of it, DIY dried fruit and yogurt, especially for the little one, I want to make sure it is definitely healthy and preservative free. So far, I can say, the dried fruits created by Kiwy Cube is tasty! It is effortless creating dried fruit with Kiwy.

    On top of that if you're not a dried fruit person, you can sterilise makeup brushes regularly since we need to clean them to prevent breakouts so sterilising is the same! I use them for phones too as my little one loves touching my phone so ensuring that it is clean, is one of my main priority!

    It is super quiet, I can barely hear it working when it's on. I had a steam steriliser before and goodness gracious of how noisy it is, and how troublesome for the frequent descaling needed, eventually it died on me so that's why I ended up with Kiwy and never looked back!

    So to all the mums out there, pamper yourself and get this steriliser, you will thank me after.

    Best sterilizer!!

    Absolutely love it. It is very compact ,can fit all my baby bottles (9 bottles ) we are using at the moment all in one cycle. The bonus for us is the dried fruits and yoghurt features as both my kids love dried fruits especially mango. We also use the UV function to sterilize baby teether, soft toys, toys that can’t wash with water, toothbrushes and hairbrushes.

    No other steriliser can compare!

    I am absolutely in love with the Kiwy Cube baby UV Steriliser. I purchased it as I was so fed up with wiping dry my sterilised items from my old steam steriliser. The kiwy steriliser has incredible features such as a dryer, steriliser and even a dehydrator for foods. Its amazing as this item doesn't have the get stored as baby grows up because you can use it to make healthy snacks such as dried fruits and yoghurt! I did extensive research when it came to sterilisers. I purchased this purely because it had more functions and features than any other highly expensive ones on the market! Comes with a little recipe book too which i was so happy about! On top of a great steriliser, Omababy have the BEST customer service!