Omababy V3 Pro wearable breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Small and compact omababy v3 pro
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
multitasking possible
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
wearable with your normal bra
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
handsfree breastpump so convenient
features and benefit of wearable breastpump
Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump
what's included in the box
dimensions and details

Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump

$140.00 AUD


The best thing invented for mums - anything to keep our hands free for the little one!

Breastfeeding is important, but it shouldn't be difficult. Every mum deserves freedom even after having a baby, and also enjoying the convenience of being able to move around to get things done whilst still being able to express milk for baby. 

Omababy's light and portable hands-free pump can provide you with all that you need! It is cordless, uniquely designed to fit inside your bra, so you won't need to purchase extra bra just for the pump! It also designed to give you the freedom and comfort to pump anytime, anywhere and everywhere. 

It is extremely efficient, yielding as much liquid gold as possible for you, low dBs can also ensure that you do not wake the family up whilst pumping.  


 Product Info

Material - Care Instruction

4 Modes: Massage, Pumping, Lactation, Automatic

12 levels intensity : Up to 300mmHG,  brings more suction adjustment and precise suction force for each breast with less pain and more let-down. 

BPA Free

Capacity: ~ 160ml

Food Grade Silicone

Easy to Use: All parts can be dismantled and assembled easily before and after each use.

Efficient and quiet. 

No wires, tubes or dangling bottles makes it super easy to pump anytime, anywhere. 

Safe to use: With anti-back flow design   and seal system it keeps breast milk from being contaminated and avoids any leakage.

**Please note that the pumping motor, bra adjustment strap  and USB charging cord CANNOT be washed or sterilised** 

Sizing option: Equipped with everything you need. Comes with default 24mm breast shield, however we have included 2x complimentary flange size of 19mm and 21mm inserts each, so you can save more money for other important stuff!


Kiwy Cube UV Steriliser and Steam Steriliser safe

Please avoid high heat sterilization such as microwave and dishwasher 

USB Charging: Comes with complimentary USB-C cable so you can conveniently charge it as you go. All you will need is a standard 5V1A power adaptor. The charging time is ~2.5hrs

Usage Time: ~150 minutes of usage time and 20 minutes auto shut off

Vacuum Range: ~280-300mmhg

Dimension: 142mmx122mmx67mm

Weight: ~300g


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Portable breast pumps

"I had an amazing experience with the Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump. It was incredibly user-friendly and discreet, making it convenient to use in any situation. I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet and comfortable it was to wear while I was out and about. Overall, I would highly recommend the Omababy V3 Pro Wearable Breastpump and give it a perfect rating of 100%."

Tanisha E.
Perfect on the go pump!

So easy to use, clean & store! great suction with minimal effort, just pops into bra and you can do what you need to without having to sit and manually pump or have any connections. Absolutely love it!

Jessica D
Super compact yet works wonderfully

I love how easy it was to use this pump! It’s so light, mimic baby’s natural suction & comfortable to use. Highly recommend!

Great product breast pump

Price is really reasonable and really handy. I’ve tried few brands and I’m in love with this hands free breast pump. It’s easy assemble and use too.


If I’m honest I’m really disappointed with this purchase. It is so noisy and doesn’t suit my needs. I have since purchased another wearable that’s 100 times better than this one

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