Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade 3-in-1 Breast-pump (Use Code
Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade 3-in-1 Breast-pump (Use Code
Kiwy Mira Single or Double
Breastpump comparison
3 Level Night light
Kiwy Operation Mode
First in the market with individual speed/power
Prevent breast engorgement
One touch button
Super quiet operation
high efficiency pumping
Effective expressing with Mira
Different modes and settings to your preference
3 different ways of expressing milk
3rd generation breast pump
Long battery life
Gift Packaging
PPSU Bottles
Gift packaging and measurement
Kiwy Mira Breast Pump
Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade 3-in-1 Breast-pump (Use Code
Kiwy Mira Hospital Grade Breast-Pump
Kiwy Mira Breastpump Intro Video

Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade 3-in-1 Breast-pump (Use Code "MIYA" to enjoy $84 OFF RRP)

$339.00 AUD





Save up to $169 with our premium Kiwy Miya breast pump bundled with Portable Bottle Warmer, click here. 




On the go and need to pump but realised that your breast-pump battery is low?

Fret not! Kiwy's newest and most innovative Miya breast-pump allows you to convert into manual breast-pump so you can still express your liquid gold for the little one. 


  • Separate settings - Ability to set separate suction settings for Left or Right side to encourage optimal milk extraction
  • Auto mode - 2 minutes stimulation mode before expressing mode commences
  • Night light - 3 level of brightness, making it easier for breastfeeding/ expressing during the night.
  • 3-in-1 Breast-pump- ability to convert into Single, Double or Manual Breast-pump.
  • Travel Friendly - Small and compact, with handles making it easy for you to carry it to anywhere you like. Small enough to fit into your handbag.
  • Efficient - The double electric breast pump allows simultaneous pumping to save time and it may even boost your milk yield.
  • Portability -  In-built with rechargeable battery, handle and a USB cable to allow you to charge and pump on the go. Offering a perfectly portable solution.
  • Easy adjustment of speed and power strength - you can easily switch between Auto mode or Manual mode which offers 6-Power Level and 9-Speed Level. 
  • Super quiet -  <40 decibels when pumping, combined with the LED night light, you can be assured that your family will not be disturbed.
  • Medical grade - Offering patented closed-system design, ensuring that milk expressed will not be infected by potential bacterias that can make your baby sick.

    Kiwy Miya Quick Operation Guide

    We totally understand that it can be tedious and time consuming as new parents trying to fit into all your newborn's needs. This is why Kiwy Miya hospital grade double electric breast pump is perfect for you as it ensures that you can pump efficiently and also proving a potential increase in your milk yield at the same time.


    Kiwy Miya Compact and Portable

    Kiwy experts have created this smart double electric breast pump with mum and bubs in mind. Featuring a rechargeable battery, soft massage cushion, flexible pumping settings, stylish design and many more thoughtful features. This lightweight breast pump is designed to give maximum mobility, comfort and freedom.

    All parts of the smart breast pump that come into direct contact with breast milk are BPA free. Assuring your peace of mind when using Kiwy baby products The one-touch switch from Auto mode to Manual setting mode. To best suit your personal preferences. 

    This pump comes with minimal parts so it is easy to assemble and clean. The quiet design and night light makes this the best electric breast pump to use at night without disturbing your little one.


    Kiwy Miya, use it horizontally or vertically


    If you're going camping or somewhere rural and have no easy access to electricity, you can still take this portable breast-pump with you and convert it into a Manual breast-pump! That's how easy it is!



    Cleaning of Breast-pump parts

    Sterilise all parts prior to first use and after each use except tubing, pump motor and power adaptor. Sterilise all parts that might come in contact with your breastmilk, including bottles, breastshields, valves, backflow protectors, bottle necks, sealing discs, caps and teats with warm soapy water.

    Rinse thoroughly, then sterilise and dry. The parts must be totally dry before assembling to pump.  

    All of our accessories are suitable for use in UV & steam sterilisers. However please note that it is not recommended to sterilise the accessories under high heat for long hours as it might cause the material to degenerate quicker, shortening the lifespan of the parts.

    ** All Kiwy Miya components (duckbill valve, 3-way tripod connector, diaphragm, silicone breast shield, tubing, backflow protectors, sealing discs and caps) are not suitable for high heat sterilization such as microwave sterilizer and dishwasher as this will damage the components/accessories. ** 

    Do not use any implements or cloths when washing the breast pump parts, as they may tear the delicate silicone parts.

    For more information on Kiwy Miya Breast Pump, please visit FAQ. 


    Pump Dimensions: 
    Depth:  62.5 mm
    Width: 115mm
    Height (without handle): 112.5mm
    Weight: 482g
    Suction strength :75-300mmHg
    Suction frequency: 20-90/min
    Stimulation frequency: 40-210/min
    Stimulation strength: 15-165mmHg

    Breast Shield Guide: measure the base of your nipple where it meets your areola 
    Kiwy Miya breast shield: (M) 22mm -for nipple diameter 18mm or less 

     How to measure your Flange Size: 


    *KIWY MIYA comes with standard 12-months manufacturer's warranty*

       For more information on warranty, please click here. 

    Price includes: 

    1x Gift Packaging
    1x unit Kiwy Miya Hospital Grade Breast-pump
    1x pair of Kiwy 160ml PPSU bottles
    1x pair of 22 mm flanges
    1x pair of connection tubing
    1x USB cable and Wall Adaptor
    2x pairs of Duck Valve
    1x Manual hand Breast-pump conversion
    1x pair of storage lids


    PS: Other Breast Pump Accessories and Parts available here, or please DM/Email Us to place order.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Ryan Zangmeister
    Great compact machine

    Having read many reviews about different pumps on the market I can say this one lives up to the reputation. My wife loves the machine and its ease of use and various functions. Also how portable it is. Very happy

    Amazing product

    I have been using this pump for about 5 months now, and it has been a great addition to my breast feeding journey! It has helped with engorgement, and also building up my milk supply. The manual settings for each breast have been a great help, as I have one breast that holds more milk than the other. The quality of the product and the parts are great compared to another well known brand I was considering. Spare parts are also a reasonable price compared to others. I'm so glad I went with the Kiwy Miya!

    Hiu Ting Ho
    Love this all in one breast pumps!

    For a new product brand this is such a good price. I ordered at night and got my package the very next day. Love how you can choose to use it as a double, single or manual pump. It was packaged like a gift with great quality parts. They thought of everything in this pump from a night light to being portable and convenient. Would definitely recommend this product!


    Great pump. Lots of options. Can take a minute to get used to the buttons.

    Nikita P.
    Very happy with purchase

    I chose this pump due to its size, portability, and the function of being able to control each side separately. So far I am very happy with this purchase.

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