Toastie Night Light
Yellow Colour toastie night light
Pink Colour toastie night light
Green Colour toastie night light
Adjustable brightness level
timer to switch off
Use for different occasions
Yellow Toastie Night Light
Light and Portable
Toastie Night Light
Useful and Light
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Toastie Night Light

$25.00 AUD


Cute and Multifunctional Night Light

We can't help it but to introduce you this cute toastie night light.  It is not just for looks, but it is also packed with features that will make your night a lot more convenient. 

You can easily adjust brightness according to your likings, and this night light is wireless, you can carry it for use in any part of the house. 

It also has memory settings which will remember your favourite brightness lever and a 15 minute timer that you help you with switching off, so you won't have to worry about the battery going flat.


  • Perfect addition for baby nursery rooms, growing toddlers, and preschool kids or in little indoor teepee tents
  • Adjustable brightness level to suit your liking, and comfortable to the eyes. 
  • 15 Minute Switch off timer
  • Super cute and soft, technically unbreakable, suitable for rugged play
  • Easy to hold and cuddle
  • Completely harmless for children of any age, even babies who loves picking things up and play!
  • Durable, Rechargeable with USB-C Cable
  • Perfect gift for any occasions!

Use instruction:

  • Please fully charge the product before using it for the first time. Charging voltage /current is DC 3.7V/800mAh. Power banks with equal voltage can be used to charge it as well. It will take about 10 hours to fully charge the product.  (Actual charging time is based on the charger’s input current.)
  • While charging, the red light flashes and after fully charged, the red light will remain stationary.
  • Simple Push up and down Switch (Power and timer). 
  • Double click to set the 15 minute switch off timer. 
  • Adjustable brightness


Suitable for all ages

Night Light Details:



Weight: 133g

Package includes: 01x night light + 01x USB-C Charging cable

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